Subscription Charges

 Users  Subscription Type   Annual Costs (Euros) 
 Financial Intermediary / Financial Service Provider   Site Licence    7,500
   Country Licence 14,000
   Global Licence 30,000
 Non-Bank Organisation  Site Licence   2,500
   Country Licence    4,000
   Global Licence    8,000

The NoRe data service is available via authorised information vendors only, either via vendor screens, vendor applications or direct data feeds.

A “Financial Intermediary / Financial Services Provider” subscription applies to any company whose business is ‘financial in nature’ including but not limited to firms trading, broking or dealing in financial instruments, asset managers, stock exchanges, derivative exchanges, data providers, index providers, etc.

A “Non-Bank (Corporate)” subscription applies to any company whose business is not ‘financial in nature’, such as corporates (i.e. manufacturing, construction, industrial etc.). 

  • A Site Licence is considered a single business address. A Single Site Licence is not permitted to distribute data to any other sites, unless they have a Country or Global Licence.
  • A Country Licence means more than one site at a number of business addresses in one country.
  • A Global Licence means multiple sites at any location globally.
All subscriptions are required to be paid annually in advance. The annual subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Failure to pay subscription fees when due may lead to access denial. 

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